Nike - Get Laced Up

2 Minute Cut for Web - Appeared on

60 Second Cut for TV - Appeared on NBC during the 2012 Mountain Dew Tour

Nike was looking for a way to illustrate the idea of "anticipation" in regards to the upcoming snowboard season.  We showed them a spec spot (below) I made in 2006 that had the same idea: A kid daydreaming out of the car window, imagining himself jumping over bridges and overpasses along the highway.  They loved it.  We flew to Portland, OR, and teamed up with Nike riders Scotty Lago, and Gigi Ruf to shoot the ad.  Shot on location with a skeleton crew that ranged from 3-6 people.  Super fun.

Written & Directed by David S. Friend & Jamtron


This is the original idea I shot back in 2009.