February 18th, 2014

Labor & Craft - Jim Poulmas - Founder - Poulmas@gmail.com

Labor & Craft - Jess Peterson - Marketing/PR Manager - Petersonjes@gmail.com

Jamtron - Jeff Ledellaytner - Creative Director - Jeff@jamtron.com

Jamtron - Allison Childs - Producer - Allison@jamtron.com

L&C _Objectives.jpg


To create a brand essence video for the Labor & Craft website that artfully articulates the brand's deep-rooted history, love of metalwork, dedication to details and passion for providing products with a rich story to people who take pride in curating a meaningful narrative in their homes.


THE STORY: 5 core values to communicate

  • We love our craft — we make unique, modern and timeless brass and bronze hardware with our own hands and take pride in making products that are generally outdated or mediocre, better
  • We love the history/legacy behind our craft — the rich history of manufacturing is being forgotten as most of it’s being sent overseas, so it's important we honor it by showing people the process behind the goods they buy
  • We hope it’s a shared love — we find deep satisfaction in building with our own hands and strive for our buyers to feel the same satisfaction and connection when they integrate our products into their homes
  • We love local — we craft our hardware locally and take pride in celebrating the traditions of American blacksmithing
  • We love having fun — we’re serious about making beautiful products, but we're most fulfilled by the fun we have doing it


“I started this company because I believe there is population of people who are willing to pay a little more for something that is well-crafted. That, and a lot of the drawer knobs I’m seeing are a dumpster fire in terms of aesthetics. Just a real heap of shit, design-wise.” - Jim Poulmas


Humans who care about their living space. They fall into 3 general categories:

1. The hip and fashionable (Brooklyn-vibe)

2. Makers and crafters

3. Interior designers / home furnishing professionals



Jim is laid back and approachable. He's quiet and confident. He's funny. His work...elegant. It's heavy and strong. Classic and modern. Jim loves making art. He loves people who appreciate well made things and respect the craft and the history behind them. The goal of this Who Are We video is to put the essence of Jim and his work on display. The video will be informational, but we want the key take away to be "wow, that's really cool, how can I find out more?"

















These images possess a similar essence to the Labor & Craft brand. A mix between style and interior references, they serve as a visual gut check keeping the brand on course.  


Below you'll find three video references that come close to capturing the type of feeling we're aiming to evoke with our video.

We really like the voice over in this one. He's laid back and approachable. Most of all, he seems honest, likeable and passionate. We get that sense from Jim. Our video will be shorter, driving home the "who are we" with a less "documentary" feel.   

We like the relaxed energy in this one. People who work on motorcycles in the winter don't do it because they have to, they do it because they want to. Because they love it.  

Here's an example of a video we made here at Jamtron that we think fits with the maker's theme.


15 - 22k

*pricing details to be further broken down on a follow-up phone call