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February 14th, 2014

David Franke - Director of Marketing -

Jamtron - Creative Director -  Jeff Ledellaytner -

Jamtron - Producer - Allison Childs -

Campaign objectives

To create a video campaign for the ISG website and social media properties that grabs the attention of the diverse 25-35 year old "culture forward" crowd by communicating the rich and multidimensional experience the museum has to offer - where each visit presents an opportunity for discovery, education, inspiration and renewal. 

  • Celebrate the museum’s treasured history while garnering excitement for its future
  • Showcase the balance between historical and modern in both architectural design and collection
  • Demonstrate the sense of adventure and sanctuary the ISG offers
  • Articulate the freedom offered by an individually-curated experience where each visitor holds the power to decide between a passive experience (meandering without an agenda, discovering new views, finding sanctuary) or an active experience (information and adventure seeking, hands-on learning).


Campaign Aesthetic

Simply covering the museum and its events "news beat style" is stale and boring. Instead, we want to create artful, short films that leave viewers with a sense of longing. Longing for more. If we simply cover an event, we risk the video becoming a replacement for the event. To create interest and intrigue for the culture-forward crowd, we need to extract the feelings visitors get from each of these events and experiences and inject it into our movies. They can be informational AND artful - and should evoke emotion. The messaging should be subtle, but not too subtle that viewers miss the point. That’s the balance. Using the power of the medium to tell our story versus duplicating the information provided through other channels, like the website. We want our movies to have the same impact as the art itself. Our goal is for viewers to be emotionally moved after watching our shorts and inspired to find out more. We can achieve this through a clear vision, beautiful cinematography and tasteful editing.  


"Years ago I decided that the greatest need in our Country was Art… We were a very young country and had very few opportunities of seeing beautiful things, works of art… So, I determined to make it my life's work if I could.” - Isabella Stuart Gardner


Third Header.jpg

Attach lavalier microphones to 5 different groups of visitors as they explore the museum. Record their audio as they react to their surroundings. Cover B-roll of exhibition rooms through gliding POV cinematography. The viewer will feel like they're in the space. Feature other visitors as they experience the museum through selective focus and silhouette shots. Show brief snippets of the many facets Third Thursday's has to offer - workshops, courtyard, palace, contemporary gallery and music hall. Hear music playing from the courtyard, murmurs of other guests as they react to art, footsteps and laughter.

Using these rich sound bytes and complimentary imagery, the video becomes a textural landscape highlighting the choose-your-own-adventure experience of Third Thursdays -- an event designed for both enrichment and fun. Key sound bytes ground the viewer and guide the story along.

Show only glimpses of the event making the viewer want to come experience it themselves. A light soundtrack rises and falls between the natural ambience helping build emotion and intrigue.


Tag: Third Thursdays. Find Your Adventure. ISG.


Price Range: $21 - 26k  



Historic Header.jpg

Set up a slow motion camera in front of the Rape of Europa (or other amazing work of art).

Film people’s faces (target demographic) as they react to the painting.  

Intercut their reactions. No two the same.

See other visitors, out of focus, enjoying the museum in the background.

Cuts between each face get faster and faster, building momentum and intrigue.

Music builds as cuts build.  (Philip Glass style, heart-pounding, awe-inspiring)

Cut to 180 degree low angle behind the visitor as they analyze the art.

Cut to Black.


Tag: Discover (pause) The Historic Collection. ISG. 



  • Faces will be looking above camera, not into lens.


Price Range: $28 - 32K


Hostetter Gallery Header.jpg

People's perception of the ISG is outdated. They think of the museum as "old," "dark," "outdated," and "musty.” We interview people (off-camera, off-site) asking them to describe the museum and use their descriptions as a guideline of what NOT to shoot. Without revealing too much, use clean lines, balanced geometric framing, and crisp light to show what the museum really looks like, specifically highlighting the Hostetter Gallery. The juxtaposition between language and visuals will clearly communicate the public's deep misconception of what's going on at the museum and bring to light one of the many ways the ISG has evolved - and will continue to evolve - over time.


Tag: Meet Our Modern. ISG.


Example script

  • AUDIO: "Dark"
  • VIDEO: Clean lines of a brightly lit modern photograph hanging in the Hostetter Gallery
  • AUDIO: "Musty"
  • VIDEO: Man and woman walking across the clean hard wood floor. Fresh sunlight pouring in from the windows in the background.
  • AUDIO: "Old"
  • VIDEO: Modern fixtures, light switches, clean frames, white walls.

Cinematography rules

  • Geometric Framing
  • Balance
  • Clean lines
  • Crisp light


Price Range: $25 - $28K


Monks Header.jpg

Open with a close up of a young woman peering into the green house from the outside. We see her face from the inside pressed against the glass. We’re not quite sure where she is. Cut to macro shots of the garden in motion time-lapse from multiple angles. Catch the light as it passes over each leaf and drapes over the collection of flora. Elicit the feeling of a sacred place, safe and untouched from the outside world. It’s a magical wonderland from a child’s imagination. Cut to the young woman’s friends calling her as they enter the museum. She skips over to catch up with them, eager to enter. Close on a shot of the women settling into their seats with landscaping materials in front of them.  


Tag: Always Changing or Always Growing or Always Learning. ISG.


Price Range: $25 - 30K


Courtyard Header.jpg

The Courtyard is the most impressive feature of the ISG. It’s heroic and breathtaking. This video is about showing the Courtyard from a new perspective. Using motion time-lapse, macro and slow motion video, we highlight the multiple angles of the courtyard, mainly from close-up-angles. Then, a hero shot presents itself, revealing the greatness of space - a floor-to-ceiling, wide angle perspective shot in slow motion. Cinematic music slowly builds as the camera rises through the flora and fauna. Once the courtyard is fully unveiled, we cut back.


Tag: The Courtyard. ISG.


Cinematography notes

  • Possibly lower a stabilized camera from the 4th floor out of one of the balconies
  • The music in the piece will really be the driving factor


Price Range: $23 - 27K


STIR Header.jpg

Stir is an upbeat, lively event. Quick cuts and fresh new music will set the tone here. We create a fun, sophisticated, high energy piece that get's the viewer excited and wanting more.


Lock off shots of people in our demographic reacting to music.

Feet tapping.

Heads bobbing.

Hands on thighs drumming along.

People hanging over (safely) glass balcony looking down.

Relaxed atmosphere.

Quick cuts of revealing tight shots of jazz musicians.

Cut to wide shot of the music hall.

Quick cuts of people enjoying the Hostetter Gallery.

Space is full of people.

Everyone is focused on the musicians and enjoying themselves. 


Tag: Stir. Art+Music. ISG.


Price Range: $17 - 22K



Gift Header.jpg

Because the gift shop at the ISG is a great place to visit separate from the museum, we set this video in the studio. We never see the gift shop itself, only it's contents. We photograph select items, top down on a warm and crisp background. Items cycle through in interesting arrangements providing eye candy to the viewer. Cool books, ornaments, scarfs, etc. We end on a shot of hands putting the final touches on wrapping an item.


Tag: Gifts. Only found at the ISG.  


Music note

  • Warm, inviting, upbeat.


Price Range: $12 - 15K


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