Hello.  Below are some examples of videos that do a good job evoking an emotional response without showing too many faces.  I still think the video will be way more impactful if we're able to show faces and aren't restricted with locations =]  

This is a great video that shows how to NOT include people's faces but still evoke an emotional response.  

Here's an emotional video that doesn’t show faces until the end, but builds up to it with people shot from unique angles or from far enough away.

Here's an animation style that I think can elicit a more emotional response.  The hand drawn style connects you with the stories in a more organic way.  

This video tells a powerful story through animation. A animation approach would free us up from our constrictions (people/hospitals) but the script would have to be boiled down to it's essential message for this to work.  

Here's a more abstract video that I love.  The imagery, mostly sans people, really resonates with me.  I think its a great example of how to use imagery and clever editing to make you feel something.