Voice over I recorded for another Black Math animation.

EF - Vignettes

EF has been cutting the tour videos I co-shot and co-directed into smaller stories. They're coming together nicely!

Check 'em out here

Jamtron Original Logo

Artist Claire Eder makes lots of things including amazing water color animals. She let me use one of her ducks as my logo. Here's the original duck!

Hi Five shoot

Almost done finishing up my year long project about running through the seasons. Here are some screen shots from my favorite location to date. Waking up early suck till you sniff that mist!  

Harmony Korine on Film

I took this excerpt from Marc Maron's WTF podcast. I love Harmony's answers to why he still shoots on film. For the entire interview go --> here


Jamtron created the voice-scape for this animated bumper for TBS. I watched a bunch of old Steve Martin videos to get pumped. He's actually funny it turns out! 

Idea Paint - CHEW

Adam Melonas is doing cool things, and sometimes he uses Idea Paint. Made this little ditty for the folks at Idea Paint. I like shooting food!

Idea Paint - BOUNCE

Made this little sucker for the folks at Idea Paint. Got a little time in the VO booth too!

BTS IdeaPaint Shoot

Had a blast on set today directing the homies at IdeaPaint - top secret project launching late June!

Patagonia - VOs

Got this little gig doing VO's for Patagonia's new vids about how cool their company is. 

Yurt Bags 2.0

Took another trip to the Oregon backcountry with the homies.