New Studio 2

We're all settled in here at the studio in JP!

New Studio

Jamtron has DOPE new studio! We're in the Sam Adams Brewery Complex in Jamaica Plain.

Just had our first shoot for Izotope in here last week! 

Izotope Spire

Jamtron worked with Izotope to create the motion visuals and stills for their first hardware product - Spire. 

See here -

How To Make Smoothie

Been working on some experimental "How To" comedy videos in my spare time. 

VO for BAI - YUM

Here's a little VO I did for BAI. I like their drinks, so it wasn't hard for me to get on board. 


Here's a cool video EF put out out today that uses a bunch of footage I shot while traveling with them!


Got some yummy stuff cookin' for the folks over at Izotope. Check it out here.

Pics by Melissa Gomez

EF Panamá

EF's new tour video of Panamá is up on their site

Co-Directed, shot and edited by JAMTRON. 

___Is Like - JAPAN

I went to Fukuoka, Japan and made a video about what it was like. 

Iceland Is Like

This is what Iceland was like for us in Spring 2016.


I love this explanation by Cub Studio

Driving in Iceland

Just like everyone says, Iceland is magical. It's unlike anywhere I've been. You can literally just drive and never get out of your car and have a great experience. We got out of the car many times of course. But, I'm just sayin'. 

Tuckies with Bam

Bam's first off leash hike was up Mt. Washington in NH - 2015

Song - DJ Shadow "Nobody Speak Instrumental"




Voice over I recorded for another Black Math animation.