Hearts On Fire

Editorial by Jamtron

Akrobatik - Music Video

Directed by George Cox

Creative Direction by David Hohman

Produced by Jamtron


Editorial by Jamtron


Editorial by Jamtron

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Editorial by Jamtron

Shaaaaaarks - New England Aquarium

Directed by Jamtron & Larry Andersen

Editorial by Jamtron

VFX by Brickyard (the shark is fake!) 

Roger Williams Park Zoo

Editorial by Jamtron

We dug up Bob Ross' dead body in order to produce this video celebrating the launch of Bob Ross x Forum collab product. 

(There were more than a few people that asked how we could afford to pay his day rate to get him in the studio. No joke)

Directed by Jamtron and David S. Friend.

Shot and Edited by Jamtron