50onFire Presentation Video


"Building Faces"

We shoot cool artsy, hand held, abstract but recognizable, black and white video footage of Boston (at night): City streets, feet hitting ground, signage, textures, trains whizzing by, ship yard, taxis, storefronts, etc.  (see industrial revolution/film noir reference below) 

Think black and white industrial revolution meets film noir motion cool - grainy, strong, energy.  

We land on a hero shot of purposefully framed side of a building/street/alley (some cool looking flat surface to be used for our title screen).  We animate, composite, and motion track the winner's face onto said hero shot. Titles animate on to the screen and integrate in a cool way with each hero shot/portrait.*  

*We possibly add splashes of color (maybe the 50onFire red) to these hero shots to separate them from the b+w footage. 

Opening Music Sample

Film Noir/Industrial Revolution Inspiration 

This will be video footage of Boston. Lots of motion.  Abstract iconic structures.  Motion. Night.  

Mock Hero Frame

Jamtron Hero Mock 02.jpg

Title Reference